Substitute better-for-you options.

Stop raising your blood sugar and your weight with highly processed white and wheat flours.  These common ingredients rank at the top of the glycemic index and increase your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Replace them with our two healthy and tasty alternatives to prevent blood spikes and also aid in digestion.  These organic flours made from chickpeas and chestnuts are naturally gluten free, rich in fiber and protein and low on the glycemic index.  Ideal for blending and as thickeners for soups.

Organic Chestnut Flour (GF)

Sweet and creamy flour with nutty, earthy tones.   High in nutrients and complex carbohydrates.  Lower in fat than other nut flours.  Ideal for pancakes, fresh pasta, bread and desserts.  

Substitution ratio: Use 1 cup of chestnut flour to replace 1 cup of another flour.

Organic Chickpea Flour (GF)

Tasty Garbanzo bean flour is a great source of good fat. Low in carbohydrates. Perfect blending flour for pancakes, waffles and baked goods and as a rice-flour substitute.  

Substitution ratio: Use 3/4 cup of chickpea flour to replace 1 cup of another flour.

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