Love coffee, care about farmers and the earth.

These organic growers from Chiapas, Mexico forego all toxic stimulants for natural cultivating, harvesting and roasting methods.  The soil is carefully tended by small-parcel Mayan farmers who understand and value coffee’s many health benefits.  Their ambitious standards apply across all bean varieties including the Swiss Water Decaffeination process.  By using pure water to remove the caffeine, instead of chemical solvents, the taste is further enhanced, and bitterness is eliminated.

Customize your coffee.  Whether you prefer Regular or Decaffeinated, you will taste and feel the difference with Cafe Mam's freshly roasted "clean as it should be coffee".  Select among these seven roasts or blends ranging from dark to light.  Choose whole beans or grind them to suit your coffee maker.  Mix and/or match for quantity discount pricing.  Available in 8 oz. compostable bags.  

   Roast                                                               Description

Light roast. Ideal for light coffee drinkers.
Light to medium roast.  Offers smooth flavor to start your day.
Medium roast with fruity flavor. Wonderful to serve with food. 
Sierra Madre
Medium to dark roast.  Provides a silky, rich satisfying taste.
Royal Espresso
Medium to dark roast.  The best coffee beans for the best Espresso.
Dark roast. Perfect rich refined smoky flavor.
Dark roast. Offers a bold rich taste.

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Chiapas, Mexico

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