About Us

DESIRE FOODS is dedicated to improving people’s health through nature’s healing properties.  We bring quality foods sourced from artisanal eco-friendly producers directly to you.

Each farmer in the DESIRE FOODS network is deeply concerned about, and committed to, land stewardship. Soils are cultivated for maximum richness and sustainability and no chemicals or pesticides are used to accelerate growth. Crops of this caliber are grown at nature’s pace and harvested in limited quantities, few can be found on mass-market shelves.   

Our delicious, nutrient-rich products offer the purest ingredients, superior taste with an emphasis on the reduction of food allergens.

DESIRE FOODS serves health-conscious consumers, especially those managing food sensitivities. Our products may be purchased in single, bulk or gift packages.  

About Our Founder



From my family’s farm to family farming

The INSPIRATION for Desire Foods began on my grandfather's farm in Galicia, Spain. There as a young girl, I first gained an appreciation and love for traditional farming.  There I began to experience and understand the delicate balance between sustaining nature, animals and ourselves.  There I was taught the necessity, and pleasure, of eating vital, health-enriching foods.  But it was decades later, living on American soil, that these early insights would take on profound meaning and urgency.  After receiving a “you’ve got cancer" call, those fundamentals became the foundation for my healing.

This "fight for my life" JOURNEY required I return to my roots and the farm.  It put me deeply in touch with my own ignorance in not knowing or questioning where my food came from.  It led me to learn how quality foods primarily demand quality soil.   It brought me to seek out small family farmers who still value and abide by strict agricultural methods similar to my grandfather.   This growing awareness evolved into my commitment to find nutrient-rich foods that are carefully cultivated and minimally altered.

But the PROCESS of sourcing foods with few preservatives or pesticides is challenging and complicated. I couldn’t make assumptions when labels said “natural,” “farm fresh”, “organic” or slick marketing messages that touted health enriching benefits. I couldn’t assume “local” meant “better” or even “healthy” production practices. Out of necessity, I created my own “Rooted in Nature” standards for selecting nourishing foods that support healthier choices. 

Today, I am proud to offer a selection of the finest, delicious PRODUCTS from small family farms.  As a boutique specialty-foods provided, I am privileged to serve health-conscious consumers, people with discriminating palates and especially those managing food sensitivities.  It is particularly meaningful to me that our signature product, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is imported from a small family farm in Andalusia, Spain...miles from where my inspiration and journey began.   I am also proud to say I'm cancer free.


The foundation for good health is eating nutrient-rich food. 

Most foods today are full of harmful additives and allergens.

Nature knows best how to provide what our bodies need. 

Quality nutrition is getting what we truly need from nature.